Suitable for Exam Boards: AQA (2451) & OCR (H558); Course Code: A2PHYAQR


• The revision course is designed for students who will be sitting the AQA and OCR A2 Physics A examination in the summer of 2017. The course is not suitable for OCR Advancing Physics and AQA Physics B specifications.
• AQA Physics A - The course will cover the whole of Unit 4 (PHYA4) and the compulsory parts of Unit 5. Option subjects will not be covered.
• OCR Physics A– The course will cover the whole of A2 Unit G484 and most of A2 Unit G485, but not Medical imaging and Modelling the universe.
• The emphasis of the course will be on examination technique and the consolidation of basic principles and facts.

Course Dates

  • Saturday 1st to Monday 3rd April 2017

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