Matron's Fine Marmalade

Harrow Preserves are made in the heart of Cornwall and have that special homemade hallmark. Therefore they are handmade in small batches using the traditional age old method of preserving pan and spoon. All the jams have high fruit contents and for the marmalades, the oranges are slowly softened in the bottom oven of an Aga. Seasonal local fruit is used wherever possible and our product range varies throughout the year. We hope that you will enjoy these new additions to the Harrow Hill Shop range. Matron’s Fine Marmalade 340g Ingredients: Granulated Cane Sugar, Seville Oranges, Water, Fresh Lemon Juice Prepared with 24g of seville oranges per 100g of finished product Blurb: For those of you who like a gentler start to the day. A fine shred soft set jelly marmalade for those who prefer less peel but still enjoy the strong taste of Seville orange marmalade.

Price: £5.95 Quantity: